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Obesity As A Cause For Erectile Dysfunction: This Is What The Link Is

When we talk about erectile dysfunction we must always move with extreme caution considering the delicacy of the interests called into play. Sexuality, despite a recent libertarian tendency, remains a topic by definition intimate, which causes embarrassment and communicative difficulties both in the couple and with a trusted doctor.

A US research conducted by the professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, Eric Rimm, has shown the close link between overweight and / or obesity and erectile dysfunction. The results tell us that men, aged between 51 and 90 years and overweight (identified by a waist size of more than 105 cm in total), have a tendency to develop problems of impotence twice that of men of normal build (waistline below 90 cm).

The correlation is obvious but the specific causes that create this problem can be manifold. For instance, excessive overweight determines the inability to release nitric oxide from the cardiac epithelial layer due to the excessive presence of insulin in the blood. This step is crucial, since it is precisely nitric oxide that sends the message to the soft tissues and penile arteries to relax, to allow the blood to flow into the cavernous bodies and spongy bodies.

But it is not only the secretion of nitric oxide, other physiological mechanisms may be involved. The greater the quantities of the fat mass, the lower the levels of testosterone in the blood, with negative consequences for the development of the sexual organs and the correct production of the spermatozoa (with possible consequences also for the fertility of the subject).

The high percentage of fat mass typical of obesity does not simply worsen the general and penile blood circulation, but acts at the hormonal level, soothing the testicular activity regulated by the pituitary gland. Thus, an involutive spiral of continuous lowering of testosterone is triggered, which fails to contribute to the loss of erectile potential.

In addition to the specific point of view, obesity acts negatively on a psychological level. The severely overweight or obese person will not be able to perceive himself as a potentially attractive person, and a person who fails to love himself can hardly be loved by others.

Except for particular endocrine, hormonal or other pathological problems, to combat obesity and lose weight immediately it is sufficient to gradually change one’s habits, undergoing a balanced and correct diet and having regular physical activity throughout the course of the year.

You should not follow fad diets that consist of deprivation of entire nutritional sectors, but comprehensively supplement your diet with foods with high vitamin, mineral and micronutrient content to improve the overall health of your cardio circulatory system and appreciate in a short time the improvements also in erections.


Substances such as Zinc (contained in some vegetables such as Cavoli or all seafood), help to reduce the levels of triglycerides in the blood, avoiding the formation of cholesterol plaques inside the blood vessels. A discreet protein intake will also be necessary to avoid losing lean muscle mass during the diet. In this way the weight loss decreed by the balance may be less or less striking than in a more extreme diet, but your body will certainly benefit from it.

A brisk walk will be sufficient for half an hour for 5 days a week, but it is possible to modulate the effort according to one’s own preferences (eg swimming is one of the preferred choices for overweight people, since one does physical activity , without perceiving the weight of your fat as a ballast) and at your own time availability.