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How does sildenafil work for women?

Womenra (sildenafil) is an oral drug used in sexual desire disorders in females. Womenra promotes increased libido and helps solve problems caused by vaginal dryness. The use of this product facilitates achievement of orgasms and drives up their intensity, as well as makes the general pleasure derived from the foreplay and the sexual act itself (according to Womenra reviews shared by users).

What is the difference between Womenra and Viagra?


Womenra Female Viagra contains sidlenafil as its active substance; sildenafil is the same ingredient as makes the basis of the classical Viagra pill. The drug works by improving the blood inflow to the vagina; in men the same mechanism facilitates development and maintenance of erections. In women, improved blood flow in the genital region heightens the sensitivity and consequentially the response towards direct stimulation of the clitoris.

The tissues of clitoris are of the same cavernous nature as those found in the penis, which explains the suitability of vasoactive drug application in females. The engorging ot the clitoris is sometimes referred to as “clitoral erection” and it follows the neurovascular mechanisms that are similar to those of the male genital apparatus.

The increase in the amount of blood circulating in the genitals stimulates the work of Bartholin’s glands that are responsible for vaginal lubrication. This makes Womenra or Lovegra a product ideal for women experiencing vaginal dryness due to physiological constitution or climacteric / menopausal changes.

What are Womenra side effects?

Sildenafil contained in Womenra pills can trigger minor to moderate side effects that are short-lived and tend to disappear as the body adjusts to sildenafil effects. The most commonly experienced side effects of Womenra are:

  • facial flushing / reddening of the face
  • upset stomach and associated disorders (dyspepsia, diarrhea, nausea, etc.)
  • headache
  • skin rash
  • muscle pain
  • nasal congestion / nasal discharge


Womenra is used in persons over 18 years of age in the absence of contraindications. It can be taken during or separately from meals. Sildeafil works more slowly after a high fat meal. It is recommended not to exceed the daily dose. Sildenafil is prescribed after a review of cardiovascular function by the doctor. Any sexual activity carries a cardiac risk.


Do not take Womenra if you experience:

  • Heart problems. It must be assessed whether the heart can tolerate physical activity generated by sexual intercourse.
  • A bleeding disorder or ulcer.
  • A haematological disorder that can cause a painful or persistent erection called priapism.
  • A kidney or liver problem since the drug is eliminated by these two organs.

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Customer reviews
By Shiloh
Posted on 22/01/2020
Minimal costs, optimal benefits – this is how I think of Womenra! My major problem is stress and fatigue I get from working crazy shifts as a nurse. My sex life was suffering, and I love sex dearly. The drop in desire was such a bummer. Womenra gives me that boost of energy and motivation I need to engage in sexy action with my DH. I am very happy with the effects, and so is my husband. No major side effects to speak of, and I am telling this as a healthcare worker. I know for a fact sildenafil is a safe preparation so it was my first line choice from the start. Wouldn’t take anything messing with the chemistry of my brain like those antidepressant pills. Also for me the lack of libido was purely mechanic resulting from being wiped out, not sth emotional. If you are anything like me, I recommend Womenra to everyone!