asked 2 years ago

Hello, I wanted to point out my situation to understand immediately if it is actually erectile dysfunction or if I simply let myself be influenced by the fear of having erection problems. Only recently I happened to notice that during masturbation, as soon as I stop for a few moments to manually stimulate the penis, the latter tends to lose vigor after a while. This situation does not happen all the time, but sometimes it has occurred. Having noticed this once, now I pay attenntion and notice it more, whereas before, I never had the problem. I don’t know if this could happen during a sexualact, since I didn’t have one in a while. If it may be relevant, I wanted to point out that I have a torsion at the base of the penis (both at rest and in erection), not a curvature, but a torsion. However, the latter has never given any problems, it is only an aesthetic fact. I await clarifications.

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Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 2 yeas ago

Dear Reader, I often repeat this on this site, but it is worthwhile reiterating: see this minor issue as an opportunity to book an appointment with your andrologist who will, after having evaluated his real clinical situation, to give you the correct indications to follow. In my opinion, you have no major causes to be concerned with, and if there is anything wrong at this stage, it stems from the psychological plane; however, it can only be confirmed after a physical examination and other kinds of tests done by a specialist. Cordial greetings.