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Hello everyone,

After having had an unprotected sexual relationship with my usual partner, I realized that just under the crown of the glans (on the left side) I got a little excoriation due almost certainly to vaginal dryness. This “tear” did not take off immediately and when I have sex it gives me much trouble and the small wound reopens. The general practitioner tells me that it is nothing serious and according to him it is one of those friction burns that will heal itself with a little time and patience. So he didn’t want to give me creams or anything but the advice to keep the part clean and wait for it to heal on its own. Now it is not that I question his advice but it is a month that a small white layer is created above (I think it is a sort of crust) and probably because the area is damp does not heal as a regular excoriation.

Could you give me some advice on how to best treat this small wound so that it heals as quickly as possible? Do I have to keep I don’t know… a plaster to keep it dry or do I have to leave the area open so that it stays in the air? Is there any cream or anything else I can apply? I thank you in advance!

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Dr Kaufman Staff

answered 2 years ago

Dear user, the symptoms like the ones you describe your doctor must immediately exclude particular clinical situations of a non-infectious type but borne by genital dermatology, first of all, ringworm. Therefore I would invite you to plan in a reasonable time and without applying DIY therapies, a Dermo-Venereological visit to clarify this and other possible hypotheses. Best wishes.